“The Art of Communication is the Language of Leadership”

Lose the technology. Interact with one another.

Time to put the iPads, phones, and video games away. We are on a mission to help children learn how to communicate completely unplugged!


Our mission is to have kids enjoy interacting with one another, completely unplugged!


Many kids do not know how to launch a conversation without it being over a text message! We want to teach them how to effectively communicate.


There is no better way to bond with one another than by working as a team. Lets encourage our kids to work together and have fun doing it!


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With collectively over 50 years’ experience teaching in the elementary setting, we have had a front row seat to the many advancements in technologies, the increased rigor brought by the Common Core Standards, and the ever-changing landscape of student interest.  Today’s students have immediate access to all information- they can build virtual cities, scavenge You-Tube to experience different cultures…however many do not know how to launch a conversation, to form their own opinions, to lose, or to effectively communicate their feelings in times of strife.  This deterioration of communication is palpable- students do not seem to be spending enough time interacting – we want to change that.


We aim to offer students a place to interact with peers, completing interactive activities designed by AND implemented with state certified educators. These activities are created to foster communication, model collegiality, and hold students to high standards – all without access to technology.

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Client Testimonials

Charlotte E.

My daughter loved having to work together with other children to achieve success during the teambuilding games.

Caroline L.

To use my son Owens words “It’s was awesome ! 10/10 I would  do it again”

Samantha M.

The kids had a blast!! Thank you for providing the kids with a thought provoking experience!


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